What is RSO?


What are full extract cannabis oils?

Unlike other extractions, full extract cannabis oil is often made from cannabis flowers. However, leaves are sometimes used in the extraction process as well. Producers use a solvent to separate cannabis resin from plant material, creating a highly concentrated product. Those who make FECO at home often use grain alcohol as their primary solvent.

Perhaps considered one of the best medical cannabis products, FECO is often one of the primary choice for medical cannabis patients with severe illnesses. Full extract cannabis oils are popular among cancer patients who opt to use medical cannabis, as well as those with difficult to treat conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

It is often suggested that the beginning dose of FECO is a small dollop the size of a grain of rice. However, some patients work up to taking one gram of oil per day or more for several weeks at a time.  

The demand for FECO is growing rapidly, but the cannabis oil is not as popular as other common forms of extraction. Butane hash oil (BHO) and CO2-based extractions are more commonly purchased at dispensaries and from other cannabis services.

The difference between FECO and these common extractions is the consumption method. Products extracted with butane and CO2 are typically inhaled, while FECO is an oral cannabis product.

Butane and CO2 extractions also separate out many of the beneficial flavor and aroma molecules present on the cannabis plant. For this reason, FECO is often considered more potent. There are simply many more phytochemicals in medical cannabis oil than in some shatter or wax extracted with butane.

FECO is often administered via an oral syringe or is used to fill capsules.  

FECO just might be the most powerful cannabis product on the market. While 99 percent pure THC and CBD isolates are now available, it takes more than high levels of these compounds to make quality medical cannabis.

A phenomenon called the “entourage effect” is the reason why FECO is thought to make such powerful medicine. The cannabis plant is associated with 545 different chemical constituents. Of these, at least 113 compounds are molecules unique to cannabis called cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive in the plant, is a cannabinoid.

Many of these cannabinoids are thought to be pharmacologically active, meaning that they may have some sort of therapeutic value for the human body. Research suggests that cannabinoids not only work together to create medicinal effects, but the effects of these compounds are amplified by the potent aroma molecules found in the herb.